De April MediaWiki
Traité des broadcasters : « More rights are wrong for webcasters »
« First and most lamentably, intellectual property laws are created
without any empirical evidence that they are necessary or that they will
help rather than hurt. »
(source http://www.lessig.org/blog/archives/003146.shtml )

Livre « In the Public Interest » de Michael Geist
« From Grokster to Google, copyright has emerged as one of the Internet's
most challenging legal issues. Once limited to a select group of scholars,
copyright now captures front page headlines as millions of Canadians
consider its impact on education, technology, communication, and culture.

(source http://www.lessig.org/blog/archives/003153.shtml )

Touche pas à mon Internet !
(la gouvernance de l'Internet au prepcom III [[SMSI]], notamment les « droits
de propriété intellectuelle »)

GPL 3 : le calme avant la tempête
(long article de Bernard Golden, Pdg de Navica, et dont je ne partage pas

Brevets logiciels : « Eolas patent decision goes against Microsoft »

« Patent quality 'worst in technology industry' »
« In the technology industry, 27 percent of respondents thought patent
quality had decreased over this period and 40 percent thought it would
fall over the next three years. »