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Task A ETA Check
Identification of the targets all mid-feb
Poll conception Marie mid-feb
Tools definition Véronique + Marine mid-feb
Poll realization all end of February
Results collection end of April
Results analysis (all – organization of meetings) mid-may


We are organizing a conference on Gender Equity during the Open World Forum which will take place September,30th and October 1st in Paris. This poll aims at getting recent figures to analyse the gender balance in floss communities and companies. By Floss, we mean Free/Libre/Open Source Software. The processing of this poll is completely anonymous. The results will be released during the conference, which is free and open. We will be glad to see you there! For more informations: www.openworldforum.org

You are: Member of a Floss Community, Employee/Manager of a Floss company, both


  • in which community are you mainly involved (1 answer)?
  • in this community, are you: a contributor, a committer, a manager?
  • for how long have you been involved in this community? (less than 1 year, 1-2 years, 2-5 years, more than 5 years)
  • during your last working week, how often did you work on free software? (every day, several times a week, one time or less a week)
  • which main type of contribution do you offer (coding, debugging, documentation, testing,...)
  • when do you mainly contribute: (working hours, before/after works, nights, weekend)
  • why do you contribute (2 main reasons)? (profesional reasons, personal interest (I'am using the software), philantropy, hobby, to socialize, training, being part of a collective project)
  • do you face problems to contribute? (lack of time, integration problems, skills,not enough aknowledgement, others
  • Regarding your collaboration with others during your floss activites, have you ever observed or experienced distriminatory behaviour for the following reasons: (yes/no)
    • gender
    • education
    • age
    • ethnic
    • politics
    • time zone
    • connectivity
    • culture
    • involvement
    • others, precise:....
  • For whom is it easier to get acknowledgement for work in the F/LOSS community? (for men, for women, nobody cares if you are a man or a women)
  • In online context, women often get more attention as a women than as a Floss participant (very true, mainly true, mainly false, completely false)
  • In offline context, women often get more attention as a women than as a Floss participant (very true, mainly true, mainly false, completely false)
  • Have you ever been asked for a date by a Floss participant? (yes that happens quite often, yes but it happens seldom, no it never happens)

FLOSS Companies[modifier]

  • size of the company (less than 10 people - 10 to 50- 50 to 250 - more than 250)
  • country of origin
  • funding (private - VC - public )
  • What % of women do you have in:
    • your company? (less than 10% - 10 to 20% - 20 to 30% - 30 to 50% - more than 50%)
    • your management team? (idem)
    • your marketing/communication department? (idem)
    • your R&D department? (idem)
    • your board? (idem)
  • Does your company offer remote working options for the team? (yes/no)
  • Do you think it would be positive to have more women in your team? (yes/non/ don't know)
    • if yes, give us the main reason why (1 reason to be chosen: collaboration improvement, code quality, team spirit, for documentation tasks, other)
    • if yes, does your company have a plan to promote gender equity? (yes/no/I don't know)
      • if you have no plan, is this topic discussed in your company? (yes/no/ I don't know)

For both Floss communities and companies[modifier]

  • function
  • age (less than 20 - 20 to 30 - 30 to 40 - 40 to 50 - 50 to 60 - more than 60)
  • gender (man, woman)
  • From which age onwards did you use a computer?
  • At what age did you have your first computer of your own?
  • At what age did you start being involved with Floss?
  • country of origin (menu with all the countries)
  • What is the highest level of education you have completed? (school, graduation, bachelor, master, phd)
  • education discipline(IT, other science and techology, human science (law, economy, business,litterature), art, other)
  • do you have children living at home?
  • if yes, how many?
  • Do you have a profession linked with
    • IT?
    • Floss?
    • education/research?
    • others

Any comments are welcome:(free space)...

  • would you be interested in follow-up interviews? (yes/no)
  • would you be interested in knowing more about the conference (yes/no)
  • if yest can you please give us your email: ...

Qualitative questions to be asked during Focus Groups to Communities leaders / responsible of women active groups[modifier]

  •  % of women among:
    • your contributors
    • technical?
    • non technical?
    • your committers
    • your board
  • How does someone become a contributor, a committer, a manager of your comunity?
  • Does this apply the same way for non-technical contributions?
  • Why did you create a women association within your comunity?

Community contacts[modifier]