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Do we need a new association for free scientific software?[modifier]

Frankly, I don't know yet. It is true that there are some existing associations in the direction we wish to go.

  • Ofset: an association for the promotion of free educational software.
  • SPI: software in public interest.

There are nevertheless a few points which are important for me:

  • I prefer an association which is based in France, on behalf of which we can negociate with the CNRS, the INRIA, etc.
  • I do think that it useful to have a specific association for free software in science (for similar reasons as in the case of Ofset).
  • The system for donations and other "commercial" services should be very simple, modular and transparent.

Please add your thoughts on this issue. I am not yet 100% sure about how things should be carried out. So I am open for all sorts of ideas.