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The Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) is a national education and advocacy group for the technology industry.
Focusing on the interests of small and mid-size entrepreneurial technology companies, ACT advocates for a “Healthy Tech
Environment” that promotes innovation, competition and investment. ACT has been active on issues such as intellectual
property, international trade, e-commerce, privacy, tax policy and antitrust.

ACT represents nearly 3000 software developers, systems integrators, IT consulting and training firms, and e-businesses
from across the country. While ACT members include some household names like eBay, Orbitz and Microsoft, our members
are primarily small and mid-size companies. Smaller, entrepreneurial technology firms like Sax Software, ComponentSource
and EnsuredMail have long been the driving force behind innovation and job growth in the industry. Not only do these
companies comprise the vast majority of the technology industry, but they represent one third of all companies in America.

Association for Competitive Technology
1413 K ST, NW
12th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
p: (202) 331-2130