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De nombreux mods sont disponibles pour Minetest. Une étape consiste donc à en faire une revue.

Source principales :

À noter qu'un jeu pour Minetest est un ensemble de mods, on les liste ici aussi pour identifier ce qui est possible de faire dans le jeu et ce qui peut être pertinent d'ajouter.

Mods pour le jeu Mineclone2[modifier]

La liste de tous les mods utilisés pour créer le jeu Mineclone2.

Comparatif des mods
Nom Liens Rôle
Protector Redo ContentDB Lets players craft special blocks to protect their builds or disable PVP in areas.
Leads ContentDB Adds leads for moving and tethering animals.
Lava Stuff ContentDB Adds lava armor, tools, and blocks
Goblins ContentDB (Respectfully) Destructive! Goblin NPCs burrow underground, build lairs, set traps and cultivate foodstuffs. They like to steal torches!
MineClone2 Furniture and decorations ContentDB Adds more decoration and furniture blocks to MineClone 2
Void Totem ContentDB A totem that prevents you from dying in the void.
Extra Structures for Mineclone 2 ContentDB Adds extra structures to MineClone2
MineClone2 More Food ContentDB Adds five more food items to Mineclone 2 (5)
MineClone2 Speedrun ContentDB Speedrun features for MineClone2
UwU (MineClone) ContentDB Add UwU block, uwu crystal ores, uwu tools and more.
MineClone2 More Ore Variants ContentDB Make ores in stone like andesite or diorite look better.
Mcl Quick Harvet & Replant ContentDB Harvest and replant crops with one right-click in MineClone2/MineClone5/Mineclonia
Small 3D Plants for Mineclon ContentDB Adds mesh nodes for small plants
Portability contentDB Adds portable things to MineClone (crafting table, ender chest, enchanting table)
MineClone2 Get Comfortable contentDB Sit and lay using chat commands in MineClone 2 (5)
Mineclone2 Multitool contentDB 4 tools in one !
Log Spikes contentDB Adds spikes made of various types of tree.
mcl_glass_doors contentDB Adds coloured Glass Doors to Minetest subgame (MineClone2).
GGraffiti contentDB Paint anything! Graffiti for Minetest.
Villages contentDB Explore the world and find villages of diffrent types. Buy a house in a village and settle down.
Nutra Paste contentDB Low quality, but free, food source.
One hit knock-out contentDB] Very simple mod for hardcore survival with 1HP
Feather Fall contentDB Holding this feather makes you light as it
Item Repair contentDB Repair many items with ease.
Mineclone2 Falling Anvils contentDB A survival challenge for Mineclone2.
Oretracker contentDB For tracking what ores are around the player.
Climb Glove contentDB A magic glove which allows you to punch nodes to travel vertically.
Power generators contentDB Add power generators based on appliances API.
MineClone Stackpotions contentDB Stackable Potions
Painting 3 contentDB In-game painting.
Rubber Addon for MineClone contentDB Adds rubber and related Items to MineClone.
Why? contentDB Adds random things to MineClone
Mcl Mushrooms 3D contentDB Renders small mushrooms as 3D objects in MineClone2/MineClone5/Mineclonia
Upgraded Smithing Tables for MineClone 2 contentDB Gives the smithing table the ability to be used to upgrade all tiers of tools.
Rotten Flesh To Leather contentDB Adds recipe to craft leather for MineClone2
Mineclone 2 C418 Records contentDB Adds 4 new records: "minimal", "krank", "depado", and "phlips", songs all produced by C418 and released under CC-By 3.
Appliances API contentDB API for create appliances in other mods powered by technic, mesecons or hand.
Fish Traps for MineClone 2 contentDB Adds fishing traps to MineClone 2
Copper Stuff for Mineclone2 contentDB Adds copper tools and armor
MineClone2 Emerald Stuff contentDB Adds emerald tools and armor to Mineclone 2
Mesecon Register Circuits contentDB Adds Latch and Flipflop circuits.
Mineclone Build Spawner contentDB Gives build spawner for spawing builds in mineclone 2 and 5
MineClone2 UHC contentDB UHC additions to MineClone2
Experience ATM for MineClone 2/5 contentDB Adds experience atms to MineClone 2
Back to spawn for Mineclone2 contentDB Allows you to tp yourself to your spawn point, or someone else to his spawn point
Mcl Lever Status Indicator contentDB Makes levers in the “on” position have a red tip in MineClone2/MineClone5/Mineclonia
Mesecons Windows contentDB Adds 3 glass blocks which change their transparency when supplied with Mesecons power.
Deepslate contentDB Adds deepslate and related building materials.
SpawnCraft contentDB Adds crafting recipes for spawners and spawn eggs to MineClone
Modname Tooltip contentDB Modname Tooltip Minecraft mod for MineClone2
Adaptation lib and mods contentDB Key based adaptation database of items.
mcl_light_blocks contentDB Adds coloured light blocks to Minetest subgame (MineClone2).
MineClone2 Build Limit contentDB Add a build limit to MineClone2
Chest2 contentDB The Advanced Chest
MineClone2 Welcome HUD contentDB Show welcome bossbar in the HUD
Autocrafters for MineClone2 contentDB Automate crafting process using hoppers and autocrafters
Ore Crops for MineClone contentDB Adds crops that let you grow minerals such as gold and iron
Mobs Takodachi contentDB Adds takodachis.
Mineclone2 Underwater Challenge contentDB A survival challenge for Mineclone2. Try to survive in a flooded world.
Renew Pack contentDB Self Repairing tools and armor
Mesecons Microphone contentDB Chat-toggleable mesecons node.
Too Many Aliases contentDB Adds aliases to every item/node in MineClone to make them match MineCraft so you can stop forgetting that mcl_mobitems:ender_pearl should be mcl_throwing:ender_pearl.
MineClone Placers contentDB Adds Minecraft-y block placers
Bucket of feeds for easier feeding contentDB Craftable bucket of feeds which can be used for feed nearby animals.
Rivets contentDB Adds rivets for decoration or locking blocks.
UndoMistakes contentDB You can undo Mistakes, such as stripping Wood
Item Replicator contentDB Replicate items with ease.
Batch Screwdriver contentDB With this you can rotate all nodes in a row at once
Falling Stairs contentDB Adds falling stairs and slabs for gravel, sand and others.
Mesecon Node contentDB Make all node have mesecon_wire version
Light Tool contentDB Adds a tool and api that creates beams of light
DragonEggLock contentDB You can lock a Dragon Egg so it doesnt teleport away
Rebreather contentDB Breath underwater with this item in hand
Mesecons Onlinedetector contentDB Add online detector to mesecons
Chunk Keeper contentDB Keep sections of nodes loaded/running code and growing
mcl_apocalypse contentDB challenge mod for Mineclone
ExchangeClone contentDB A clone of the MineCraft mod Equivalent Exchange. Turn blocks into energy and energy into blocks. Includes dark and red matter tools!
Shifter Tool contentDB Adds a tool for moving nodes as pistons would
Fireworks Redo contentDB Adds some better looking fireworks
Powered Tools contentDB Tools powered by electric/combustion engine. Includes brush cutter and chainsaw.
Emerald Bank and Shops (MineClone) contentDB Keep your Emeralds in a Bank and trade with shops
Medblocks contentDB Provides a block which provides healing and feeding
Credits contentDB A currency which can be digital or physical
Oreveins contentDB A node which produces ores
Chair lift contentDB Add craftable and usable chair lift. TIPS: Use gearbox, grease parts (hemp oil), check grease with inspect tool, combine more engines...
Unbreaking contentDB Be more forgiving for those who are tired of their tools and/or armor breaking.
NonUseless contentDB Adds more crafting Recipes to make useless Items more useful
MineClone Breakers contentDB Minecraft-y block breakers
Teleporter Tool contentDB Adds a tool for moving nodes via teleportation
End Portal Buckets for MineClone 2 contentDB Adds an easy way to carry the end portal where ever you go in MineClone2.
Inotify contentDB A notification tool for players in-game.
Knives contentDB Adds various knives with extreme damage

Mods liés à la configuration du serveur[modifier]

Ces mods servent principalement à configurer l'instance pour en améliorer sa robustesse et participer à rendre le jeu bienveillant. On se base notamment sur l'article wiki de Minetest qui conseille plusieurs mods. Le tag server_tools sur contentDB permet de lister d'autres mods utiles à la gestion d'un serveur.

Comparatif des mods
Nom Liens Licence Rôle Sélectionné Commentaire
Areas ContentDB LGPL-2.1-only Permet à un joueur de protéger une zone de modifications (volontaires ou non) des autres joueurs ??? À tester
Protector Redo ContentDB MIT for code, CC BY 3.0 for media ??? À tester
Antigrief ContentDB forum MIT ??? À tester
eXtended Ban 2 ContentDB BSD-2-Clause-FreeBSD Permet de gérer le bannissement de joueurs ??? À tester
Filter ContentDB GPL-2.0-only Permet de filtrer le contenu du chat ??? À tester
  • Areas ==> ~8000 téléchargements, de la doc, dernière mise à jour en novembre 2022, mais utilise le principe du privilège avec des commandes : pas des plus accessibles...
  • Protector ==> ~22000 téléchargements, de la doc, dernière mise à jour en mai 2023, utilise des blocs gratuits à créer donc accessible, un peu moins efficace que le mod "Areas" d'après les commentaires
  • Antigrief ==> "que" 1000 téléchargements, très peu de doc, pas mis à jour depuis avril 2019

On teste en premier le mod Protector.

Mods liés au gameplay du serveur[modifier]

Comparatif des mods
Nom Liens Licence Sélectionné Commentaire
Armor HUD bar ContentDB] MIT for code, CC BY-SA 3.0 for media. à tester Potentiellement intéressant.
Basic Materials and items ContentDB] LGPLv3 for code, CC BY-SA 4.0 for media. à tester
Bike ContentDB] MIT ???
Boost Cart ContentDB] C00 ???
CCompass ContentDB] MIT for code, CC BY-SA 3.0 for media à tester À tester vs Real Compass.
DataMiner ContentDB] MIT ??? À tester.
Digilines ContentDB] LGPLv3 actif
Draconis ContentDB] GPLv3 actif
Flying Carpet ContentDB] MIT for code, CC BY-SA 3.0 for media. actif
Mesecons ContentDB] LGPLv3 actif Bien. À tester.
Mobkit ContentDB] MIT actif Requis par wildlife.
Mobs Animals ContentDB] MIT actif Bien.
Mob Horse ContentDB] MIT for code, CC BY 3.0 for media. actif
Mobs Monster ContentDB] MIT actif Bien.
Mobs Redo ContentDB] MIT actif Bien.
Requis pour installer d'autres mod comme Mobs Animal.
Petz ContentDB] GPLv3 for code, CC BY-SA 4.0 for media. actif Bien. Des chats adorables.
Pyramids ContentDB] MIT for code, CC BY-SA 3.0 for media. ???
Real Compass ContentDB] CC0 à tester À tester vs CCompass.
Round Tree Trunks ContentDB] EUPLv1.2 for code, CC BY-SA 4.0 for media. actif Bien.
Sailing Kit ContentDB] MIT for code, CC BY-SA 3.0 for media. ???
TNT Revamped ContentDB] MIT à tester Potentiellement utile.
Throwing Redo ContentDB] MPL 2.0 actif Des arcs et des flèches \o/
Travelnet ContentDB] GPLv3 à tester À tester mais promet bien.
Vehicules by D00Med ContentDB] LGPLv2.1 actif Bien. Bug
Wildlife ContentDB] MIT for code, CC BY-SA 3.0 for media actif Bien. Nécessite Mobkit.

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