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Gouvernance du net et [[SMSI]]
« The U.N. Isn't a Threat to the Net », par Kofi A. Annan

Patents Chilling Effect on Science

« ...I'm a big fan of both copyrights and patents, the problem was that
our legislators didn't recognize the fundamental rule, which is: too
much of a good thing no longer is. And so we're seeing things like the
DMCA, like the idea that you could patent ideas, not just inventions,
like the idea of taking copyright from 20 years to a hundred years with
very little public debate on the topic and you sort of realize that it's
a little bit like vitamin D -- you know, too little vitamin D and you
get a variety of health problems. Too much vitamin D will actually kill
you... » (Bob Young, co-fondateur de [[RedHat]])

Economist's Take On Open Source Development

BBC Examines Open Source Business Model

Livre venant de paraître : « Enjeux de mots : regards multiculturels sur
les sociétés de l'information. »
Sous la coordination d'Alain Ambrosi, Valérie Peugeot et Daniel Pimienta.
«24 thèmes pour mieux comprendre les enjeux des Sociétés de l'information»